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About us

My small business started as a hobby at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. Being confined to the house with plenty of time on hand (like most of the UK population), it was an ideal opportunity to rekindle my passion for woodwork. Being a slave to 3 furballs, it was only logical that I would hone my skills in some form of cat related product (catio accessories).


I started off initially with only a few basic designs. My first attempt resulted in an 8ft cat tree which I soon realized would not fit in the living room.

After a few weeks and many prototypes (keeping some for my bunch and donating the remainder to local cat sanctuaries), I had perfected a few products, including; shelving, standard ladders and rope ladders.


I listed my items on various online platforms, invested in a additional tools to make the manufacturing process easier and to improve the quality of the products.


My philosophy has always been straightforward through this whole process; manufacture high quality catio accessories that will enrich our furballs lives at an affordable price.


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